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Ancient Mother MoonLodge Membership

Child ~ Maiden ~ Mother ~ Crone

Welcome to the Ancient Mother MoonLodge, a Red Tent Ceremonial Circle for Women, Daughters and Grandmothers of All Traditions.

Our Lodge is a Sacred Circle. We Receive our Responsibility as Women to Walk with Integrity, Generosity and Health. We Recognize our Role as Water Carriers and Steward the Earth and the Waters in a Good Way. We Honor our Elders as Wisdom Keepers and Hold Safe the Next Seven Generations with Care, Compassion, Guidance and Unconditional Love.

Annual Membership $300

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Monthly Moon Lodge Ceremony
  • Discovery Call with Dianné Jean Aldrich
  • Support Materials & Teachings
  • Community Support and Sisterhood on Social Media
  • 4Pillars4Health Portal Membership
  • Invitation to Annual Moon Lodge Retreat
  • Medicine Wheel & Fire Ceremony
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“Dianné has more knowledge and experience than any one session could possibly reveal.
After years of receiving Dianné's care she still surprises me with more and more awareness, knowledge and experience.”

- Loren Whitewalker, Madison, WI
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