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Infidelity Crisis!

3 Critical Conversations To Save Your Marriage

Volatile emotions are dangerous! Do not make the communication mistake that will end your marriage. Download my free guide so you can take the next right step.
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"In my time with Dianné I have learned it is okay to not be okay. It's never too late to learn... It will be uncomfortable AND the most valuable adventure. My life now is so much easier, relationships deeper, greater trust in myself, and a broader understanding of what is possible. Learning to surrender may be my biggest victory."
-Kim Baker, Client & Student Since 2006 
In This Free Guide, I Give You...


Script #1 starts the process of honesty with yourself. Honesty and inner accountability are the first step in overcoming the destruction of infidelity and restoring trust, intimacy and true love.


Script #2 encourages you to connect with your Higher Source and seek truth. Know that you are not judged nor are you alone in this painful moment of life.


Conversation #3 bolsters a courageous willingness to work toward an outcome that is best for all concerned. To be guided by an expert in navigating the challenges of infidelity is key to saving your marriage. 


Take swift, safe, smart and steady action now and enjoy the fruits of a lasting marriage ripe with sexual intimacy, unconditional love and powerful partnership!

Infidelity Crisis!

Take Action: Swift, Safe, Smart & Steady

Reignite: Trust, Intimacy, Love & Partnership

Hi, I’m Dianné Jean Aldrich

I am a Sacred LifeStyle & Relationship Coach and the owner of 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace. In business for nearly 30 years, I help couples overcome the pain of infidelity and reignite intimacy in their relationship by holding a safe, smart and steady container for the emotional volatility that this sensitive subject matter elicits.

The 3 Critical Conversations are a first step in allowing my clients to navigate through this exceedingly painful time and know that the possibility of saving their marriage does exist. Can you imagine a marriage of extraordinary commitment, intimacy and partnership? A marriage even better than before the infidelity? My clients have achieved it.

Without these conversations, however, you will likely make the biggest communication mistake of all; to talk with your spouse while in a heightened state of emotional volatility due to guilt, shame, fear, frustration, blame and anger.

Don’t make that mistake! With my guidance and swift, smart, safe and steady action you will become the best version of yourself and your marriage will become the most fulfilling encounter of your daily life.

To Your Extraordinary Marriage,
Dianné Jean Aldrich

Infidelity Crisis! 3 Critical Conversations You Need To Save Your Marriage

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